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Boho Farmhouse Velvet Pillows

If you’re a farmgirl, chances are you love farmhouse style.  Sure you can go down to the chain home store and pick up the same accessories that everyone else has in their farmhouses (or faux farmhouses). OR, you can choose handmade, one of a kind “practical art” to express the style of your unique home.   I create each of these applique pillows by hand and no two are exactly the same. 

Crafted from heavenly soft polyester velvet, cotton applique, and poly/cotton blend trim, with a hypoallergenic polyester insert. The manufacturer of the velvet recommends vacuum cleaning only as the color might run if washed. Hey, less laundry ;)


Faux Cowhide Pillows

No cows were harmed in the making of these pillows.  100% vegan.  Choose from either brown or black cowhide, to add a little cowgirl/cowboy fun to any room.  100% polyester.  Dry cleaning recommended.


Embroidered Throw Blanket

I confess: I did not make these gorgeous blankets.  But women in India making a living with fair trade did.  I love the colors. I love the floral embroidery. I love the pom pom edges. I love the thin silver threads woven throughout the fabric to give it a little sparkle.  I only wish I had more of these in stock because they add instant Bohemian Farmgirl Style to any farmhouse, and coordinate so, so beautifully with my handmade velvet pillows and paper star lanterns.  Choose from blue or light spring green. 100% cotton.  Dry clean.  42”x60”

Velvet Floral Pillows

Handmade in India, these lush floral velvet pillows look like they came out of my studio! I fell in love instantly with the fabric, and they even have pom poms! One side is velvet and the other is cotton canvas. Covers are removable.  Dry clean.  18”x18” Made in India.


Cutie Pie Tea Towels

This cast of animal characters just makes me smile. How ‘bout you? I don’t know where they’re going all gussied up with flowers in their hair, but I love it.  Each one is embroidered on 100% cotton, and yes, there are even pom poms on these tea towels!  (I see a trend with my home goods collection….I can’t help it.  Pom poms are fun!)

The tag says “dry clean only” but I have machine washed and dried mine and they come out just peachy. 19”x27” Made in India.


Magical Paper Star Lights

Intricately printed in colorful designs, these handmade paper star lanterns transform any indoor room into a magical place.  Comes complete with a bulb protector and 12 foot long white electrical cord.  Best to use a standard size 7-9 watt (40 watt equivalent) compact fluorescent bulb as they give off minimal heat, and pose little to no danger of the light becoming too hot. (I leave mine on 24/7 with a compact fluorescent bulb with no worries.) Light bulb not included. Handmade in India.  Choose from 5 pointed stars or 7 pointed stars. 24” from point to point.

To assemble, first line up the center circle of the bulb protector with the bulb socket on the cord.  Screw the bulb into both the hole of the protector and the socket. Use the tabs to wrap the bulb protector around the bulb to make a “cage.” Carefully unfold the paper star and insert the bulb into the open end of the star.  Tie the strings of the paper star around the bulb and the cord.  Hang where desired.

Tip: I hang mine between curtains in windows by wrapping the cord around the curtain rod and hiding the cord behind the curtains. You could also use a small screw hook to hang the star from the ceiling, and another screw hook where the ceiling and wall meet to run the cord along the ceiling and down the wall to the outlet without the cord draping into the center of a space.

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