Mama Needs Start Up Capital!

Growing a business takes creativity, perseverance, guts, and yes, money. So I've starting a tee shirt fundraising campaign with Bonfire in order to raise money to pay for the things Bohemian Farmgirl needs to bring it's lifestyle goodness on the road this spring. I plan to sell homemade goods at local markets, on Etsy, and eventually this website. But to do so, I have to invest in tools, equipment, printing, materials, application fees, market space costs, and advertising. When you purchase a tee shirt from Bonfire, part of your money goes to printing this awesome wearable art and the rest supports my business growth.

Here's how it works. I need to sell at least 16 tee shirts in order for Bonfire to go to print with these lovelies. Many colors and styles are available including women's fitted tees, unisex tees, tank tops, and kids' sizes. My campaign runs until February 7, 2017. If I sell the minimum required to print, the orders will go out on February 20th, in plenty of time for you to sport your new Bohemian Farmgirl gear in tee shirt weather this summer. Then, I get paid the profits from the sales and can use the money for much needed supplies. Your support is greatly appreciated, my fellow Farmgirls!

PS. When you are placing your order Bonfire (credit cards and PayPal accepted), you can also make a direct donation to fertilize Bohemian Farmgirl's growth. ;)

Here's the link: or click on either of the images in this post. Thanks so much!!

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