Roots Shoots Buckets and Boots: A Book Review

As the soil defrosts in the early spring sun, I am itching to get out and dig. My daughter and I look forward to planting our sugar snap pea tipi again, and eating the sweet treats right off the vine in our bare feet. My favorite sight is the sunflower patch, each flower head smiling at me as I sprinkle their roots with water from the hose. Perhaps with the author's guidance, we will grow a sunflower house this year.

Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Activities To Do in the Garden was written and adorably illustrated by Sharon Lovejoy. She offers planting and growing ideas for projects that kids and grown-ups alike will love. Since my little farmgirl has decided to be a chef, I think we will plant a pizza patch garden this year. Or maybe a moon garden to enjoy under the stars while dancing with fireflies and fairies. Gardens need birds and bees too to be successful. Lovejoy tells us how to plant a flower maze, and we can add our colorful funky junky birdhouses to the mix and invite the birds to stay a while.

Our favorite garden memory is of the time a thousand dragonflies were zig zagging over our garden at dusk. Amazed at the sight of such magic, we tip-toed over to the center of the flight pattern and sat down in the grass. The dragonflies zoomed and danced over our heads, and we watched their wings glow in the fading light. We never saw anything like that before and we haven't since. But I have a feeling if we create a few of Lovejoy's projects in our garden this year, we will be in for more delightful treats and much magic indeed.

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