Two weeks ago, I slipped on my stairs and fell, breaking a vertebra in my spine--again. Yes, I have done this twice now. Crazy huh? Both times have been during periods of great upheaval and change in my life, forcing me to slow down and rest when I felt I needed to be most active to solve problems and get things done. Somehow, I don't think the timing is coincidence.

So rather than fighting against the healing process in an effort to get chores done (laundry never sleeps), I'm trying to use this time to really see how what I want for my life and choices I've made line up. And you know what? They don't. Just like my broken spine.

Things have not been going according to The Plan, so I either have to change the plan, change the vision, or try different steps to getting there. The vision for how I want to live this life has not wavered, so I guess I need to make changes with HOW I am living. Seems so logical now, but when you are in the thick of things and forcing outcomes that aren't meant to be, it can be really hard to see any other paths or how you can possibly do things differently, especially when you are operating in panic mode because terrible things beyond your control are happening.

The sugar snap peas in this photo? I planted them. I grew them. I harvested them yesterday. I won't get into the cliche of reaping what we sow, but I will say that being a farmgirl offers multiple metaphors about life every day, and within those metaphors are mirrors and the answers we seek. Go get in the garden girl.

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