Greenhorns: A book review

If you've ever thought about becoming a farmer, love food, or have simply wondered what goes into the day to day grind of growing our food, this book will give you a voyeur's peek into the life of the new farmer. If you weren't already, you will be mighty grateful to farmers everywhere and may even speak your gratitude to the ones at your local farmer's market. Choosing to be a farmer leads to a career full of muscle aches, never ending stress, battles against culture's ideas of farmers and food, and very little money. And it seems that many of today's new farmers are educated environmental activists that have to beg and borrow for a patch of dirt, as opposed to the farms of generations past that were handed down through the family. Hooray for farmers, "new" and "old", and for whatever path that led them to grow the food on my table and yours! Truly, you are among the heroes that walk (and till) the earth.

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