The Return of Bohemian Farmgirl

Holy moly it's been a long time! I've missed you!

Tucked in a cocoon waiting for spring to return, Bohemian Farmgirl is finally emerging with new wings and new hope. We have all experienced so much during this time, too much it feels like. I had all but given up until a few weeks ago when I felt a quiet stirring. It was my creative spirit gently tugging on my soul. "Wake up! I am still here!" New ideas are bubbling into consciousness and I can't wait to share them with you. I will be opening the pattern box too and bringing out all the old favorites with new delicious fabrics. My project pile is growing!

I was going to wait until Spring to start doing markets again, but an opportunity presented itself and the little creative voice told me

to snatch it, so I listened. In December you'll find a modest offering of dresses, aprons, dolls, pillows and maybe a few new items at Made In Kingston's Holiday Market (details to follow in a forthcoming post). It'll be your only chance to this year to catch me live to shop in person, and you'll be able to check some gifts off of your holiday list. I'll keep you posted! But for now, I better start sewing!

Follow along my on Instagram and Facebook accounts for sneak peeks of fabrics and projects to come.

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