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New Year, New Goals

My word for 2024 is Thrive. Metaphorically speaking, our actions in this new year will be like adding compost to our lives so that just like the plants in my garden, we can Thrive. We are making room for self-care, long walks, adventure, and creating. We are planning on making more homemade meals, sewing clothes for ourselves, and making new friends. We will learn new skills, try new things, and go places we have never been. What about you? Did you make any goals for 2024?

If one of your goals is to begin homesteading, I've got you covered. Not only did I write a 12 lesson eCourse for you, I also created a 12 month journal and planner to help you get the most out of your learning experience. This printable workbook is perfect for those who have decided to do the 12 lessons in my Backyard Homesteading eCourse over 12 months. Each month you can journal your:

  • Notes from each lesson, recipes, questions for further study

  • Things you learned, highlights

  • What You are Grateful for as you travel on your journey towards the life you imagine

  • Goals each lesson has inspired for your homesteading dreams

  • You can even record your plans and to-do's on the included monthly calendar

This is a printer friendly PDF that you can download immediately after purchase and begin using today when you start your lessons!

I have a few other goals for Bohemian Farmgirl on my list for 2024. I plan on creating a YouTube Channel with free sewing videos, putting together DIY sewing kits, and offering my patterns for sale too. I want to include more recipes and DIY's in these blog posts as well And of course, there will be posts and reels on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and now TikTok. Visit us on any of these platforms and follow along and make sure you subscribe to this blog so we can homestead together! Tag @bohemianfarmgirl in your posts as you complete each lesson in my eCourse and show me what you're up to!


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