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Wherever the river takes me

Remember that scene from Under the Tuscan Sun when she realizes that she has everything she wanted, it just looks a little differently than she imagined? Sometimes life hands you what you ask for, but it takes a minute to recognize it because it's not dressed the way you expected.

On Friday, I got the news that my little homestead in Virgina was not going to happen. There was a problem with the title that could not be solved, and would take months to rectify. I lost my house, but worse, I lost my dream.

After a couple of days of panic and sleepless nights because my lease is up in one week and we now had no place to go, I opened my heart to a possibility that I had on the back burner. What if we went to Indiana? I had been thinking about it since Maddie was born. It was an option I had ruled out once I fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains. But we have family there and Maddie has cousins that are more like siblings. And I feel that Maddie needs her "siblings" more than I need mountains right now.

We BOTH need a safe place to heal and grow into our truest selves, a fresh start. So, I put an offer in on a little cottage in a little town in rural Indiana and it was accepted. It's in a little neighborhood, walking distance to the town square that is lined with shops and cafes. Not a homestead, but a good quarter acre to grow veggies and herbs. My niece has a farm nearby and I will spend every spare moment with her goats and cows.

So here we go. Same plan, different location, slightly scaled down homestead. I still plan on sewing and doing markets and teaching and homesteading and making video classes and writing a book and posting it all here and on social media. Oh, and renovating my cottage to my signature Bohemian Farmgirl style. :) This feels right. Perhaps this is what was meant to be all along.


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