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Organic Hudson Valley Magazine Feature

"SOMETIMES IT’S THE ROAD we’re hesitant to travel that takes us exactly where we want to go. That’s what Christina Knisley has found. After decades of fighting an internal war over whether to pursue a creative life full time, the designer of Bohemian Farmgirl has given in—and damn, it feels good."

This summer I had the pleasure of meeting staff writer Holly J. Coley from Organic Hudson Valley Magazine, a local publication founded by Laurie Szostak and her passion for local small businesses. Together with Dkol photography, the team created a feature called "Finding Home" which can be found in the October/November 2018 issue of OHV. The article tells the tale of the origins of Bohemian Farmgirl and paints a portrait of life on our mini-homestead. The story, of course, has pages written every day, and I hope to bring you more of our story on this website in the near future. For now, head over to to take a peek into the studio and story of Bohemian Farmgirl.

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