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Our Little Homestead

I invite you to read my post from January 1, 2023 where I outline my vision for this year. Fast forward to today, when that vision is manifesting into reality.

I found my homestead. It's a little cottage on half an acre in mountains of southwestern Virgina. (This photo by the way, is of a river that the town is built around, not the view from home!) It will be all mine in a few weeks and I have so much to do and share with you. We pack up and leave New York on July 31st and I cannot believe that this is all happening so soon. My search for a home in the mountains of North Carolina led me to a little house in Virgina. If I had not stayed open to possibilities and spiritual guidance, I may not have found it. Too many times in my life I have used a death grip on desired outcomes. I thought I was holding fast to my vision and manifesting, but really I was squeezing the life out of possibilities. Lesson learned. I put my intention out there and put the rest in God's hands.

Trust is a really hard thing to do, especially when you have been through the things we have been through this year. (And for the past 20 years for that matter.) But any time I felt panic start to rise into my throat, I was tell myself to let go and trust. And here I am about to move fully into my dream. All I have ever wanted was a little house on a little patch of land to nest and create a safe place to nurture my family. I wanted work that seamlessly integrated into my life so that life and work were one and the same. And now I can be all the things that Bohemian Farmgirl is: Growing a Family, Planting a Farm, Nurturing a Creative Life.

We still plan to homeschool. We plan to get started in the garden right away, building raised beds, amending soil and preparing for spring planting. Maybe some chickens in the fall, or maybe spring. We plan to get involved in a local art school and farmer's markets. There's an attic space that someday I will renovate into a creative space for us. Until then, I will sew in my living room as I do now. The house has been renovated so I have a nice clean blank slate to decorate in my colorful maximalist style. There's room in the driveway for a traveling camper shop that we can bring to markets across our neighboring states. There's room for a goat shed for a milk goat. There's room to do all of the things I have been dreaming of doing for the past couple of decades. Sharing all the how-to's with you in this blog, on social media, a video channel, and eventually a book, is all part of the business plan. See? Life and work blended into one. Just the way I want it to be.


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