Studio Notes

One of the things I love about being a maker is that the process is entirely mine, from drawing out my pattern on a roll of brown paper to tying my tags on the finished pieces and standing on my dining room chair with an unsteady caffeinated hand to snap this photo, and everything in between. There are 9 of these aprons in existence. Just 9. They were made one by one with my two hands in my home while I had chicken soup in the crockpot to cure sniffles and my daughter drew pictures at my work table taking up entirely too much space.

Sounds romantic right? Don't forget the part where I had to rip stitches out and start again because my brand new sewing machine wasn't cooperating. Or the part where I had to rip stitches out because I accidentally sewed the apron strap to the back of the apron while sewing on the pocket (more than once). Add in all the interruptions to do laundry, wash dishes, let the dog out, drive my daughter back and forth to school, do barn chores, run errands, manage play dates, and pack school lunches. I have more projects on my list than I have time to bring them to life in the studio. But I keep going, one stitch in front of the other, one project at a time, and it all makes up the creative life that I call mine.

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