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Apartment Homesteader Skill Building Series

I had a bright idea: starting putting my bright ideas into motion. How many of us wait until the circumstances are perfect, the time is right, the moon is full, the planets are aligned, the money is there, and you're in the mood to follow through with an idea or dream? Yeah, me too. Well guess what? The time is now. Consider this The Sign you've been waiting for.

If you read my January 1st blog post, you know that I have a plan to find and purchase my very own property that I can homestead by the end of 2023. It's searching for me as I am searching for it; I can feel it. I want to build a mini-farm and take you along for the ride as I do it. Plant gardens, set up a chicken coop, build bunny hutches, install sheep and goat fencing, sew, make, do. All naturally, in cooperation with Mother Nature, and inexpensively, and teach you how to do it too with this blog, the book I'm writing, in-person workshops and a Rumble or YouTube Chanel. But why wait until then?

There are things I can be teaching NOW. There are things you can be learning NOW. You might have the same dream. You might live in an apartment too. You might just want to learn all the things I have taught myself over the years. I started a little homestead on one rented acre a few years ago. Then COVID caused a chain of events and I had to move to an apartment again. I put everything on hold until I found my own land. Well, that's about to change.

Introducing the Apartment Homesteader Skill Building Series. I just bought a huge table and 6 chairs on marketplace to host sewing classes in my apartment in Kingston. But why limit workshops to just sewing? Here are some things I have the skills and knowledge to teach around my kitchen table:

  • Making artisan bread and butter from scratch

  • Seed starting and transplanting to grow your own food (yes, even in an apartment)

  • Rabbit care (yes, even in an apartment. There's an Angora rabbit living in my bedroom!)

  • Making your own natural nontoxic skin care products

  • Making your own natural nontoxic cleaning products

  • Simple beeswax/soy candles

I'm sure I'll think of other things too. What do you want to learn? Send me a note! Does this sound interesting? Send me a note! Let's do this together! Workshops starting in April. There. I said it. Now I have to make it happen. :)


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