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I needed to update the description of what Bohemian Farmgirl creates recently for a market application. We are so much more than dresses and aprons, although those are a big part of our Farmgirl style! So I came up with this: Farmgirl wares for artful handmade living. Truly that is what I want to inspire. A handmade life is one that you create with intention, with your heart and your hands, with how you spend your day. We tend to cram our days with too many to-do's and rush from one thing to the next, and yes, sometimes chicken nuggets are on the dinner plate. I have to remind myself that slow living is what I crave, and I'm the one that has to make that change.

I am a very visual person. Visual aesthetics are a motivator for me. I am drawn to simple organic shapes, rustic woods, natural textiles, ceramics, bringing things from the outside in (like moss, sticks and stones). I love the light of candles and sunshine. These things add serenity to my home. Yet I also love color and pattern and velvet and silly things like pom pom trim. These things bring joy to my home. This combination of color and rustic has inspired my 2023 product line. You will see some changes at upcoming markets and in my web shop. We will be adding a small bath and body section, and natural housekeeping section, and lots of new home decor, handmade by me and other talented artisans. Bohemian Farmgirl style is a mix of utility and fun, color and function, and a love of creating. We hope to inspire small steps towards a handmade life and homesteading where you are (whether an apartment, a suburban home, or on some land of your own) and will bring you recipes, projects and insights through this blog to help you along the way. And there might just be a book in the works...

We'll start off with a recipe for salt dough. We used this to make holiday ornaments, but it can be used as air dry clay to make all sorts of sculptures, vessels (not waterproof), and tactile creative expression in the homeschool room as well.

Simple salt dough recipe

2 cups of flour

1 cup of salt

1 cup of water

Whisk together the flour and salt and slowly add water. Knead with your hands until you have the perfect texture. If it's too sticky, you may need to refrigerate it for a while to stiffen. Allow to air dry over a few days or bake in the oven at 225 degrees. Baking tends to puff up flat pieces such as ornaments. Paint, glue, decorate or leave plain and simple. Enjoy!


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