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Homesteader Skill Building Workshops

Round one of our new homesteader skill building series will include workshops on making bread and butter, making your own natural cleaning products for your home, and two classes on natural skin care. Easy peasy way to start your journey, right? You can start right where you are, even if you don't have a homestead yet. These are skills you can learn and use even if you live in a apartment, like me. All workshops are 90 minutes and are held in Kingston, NY.

Bread and Butter

For years, making my own bread was so intimidating. I started with a bread machine, but I wanted beautiful artisan loaves with crusty crust and chewy goodness inside. I'll share an easy fool proof recipe and some great resources to keep you going as you practice. While I may not call my loaves gorgeous, they definitely are yummy! And what goes great with bread? Homemade butter. I'll share two super easy methods that don't require a butter churn and hours of time. At the end of the class, we will break bread together and taste our creations. Please let me know if you are gluten free so I can make sure I have flour on hand for you. Bonus: I'll show you how to make fresh yogurt in an Instant Pot! Registration is done here. Sunday, April 16th, 11am-12:30pm, $25 per person. Ages 7-100

Spring Cleaning Kits

In this workshop you will make an all purpose spray cleaner and an all purpose powder using all natural non-toxic ingredients safe for you, baby, pets and the environment. You'll go home with recipes, a glass spray bottle full of cleaner, a shaker full of powder, a wood handled scrub brush, a loofah and a ceramic bucket to hold your green cleaning products. I've been making my own cleaning products for almost 25 years so bring your questions and a notebook! Register here. Sunday, April 23rd 11am-12:30pm $45 per person includes all supplies and a beautiful take home kit. Ages 7-100

Natural Skin Care Part One: Calendula oil and Healing Salve/Lip Balm

As a farmgirl, I use calendula oil and salve daily, and those who know me know that I cannot live without lip balm (there's one in my pocket, my purse, my desk, my sewing table, my car, bedside, bathrobe....). This workshop will teach you how to infuse oils and then use that infusion to create luxurious balms and salves with herbs, beeswax, and other natural ingredients. You'll go home with recipes and a 2 ounce tin of balm/salve. Register here. Sunday, May 7th, 11am-12:30 pm, $30 per person. Ages 7-100

Natural Skin Care Part Two: Scrubs and Soaks

In this workshop we will learn how to make sugar scrub, a magnesium salt soak, and a gentle facial scrub using all natural ingredients and essential oils. Take home recipes and sample sizes of each one, perfect for a spa night at home! Use the recipes and your new know-how to host spa parties or schedule some much needed self care after a hard day. Register here. Sunday, May 14th 11am-12:30pm, $45 includes all materials and take home products. Ages 7-100

The next workshops in the series will include making soy candles, elderberry syrup, simple farmer's cheese, and basic rabbit care. So make sure you subscribe and follow on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss the announcement for event dates!


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