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Our vision for 2023

I've had a dream for most of my life: to own a house. I want a house that I can use as a blank canvas to renovate and paint and decorate and style and fill to the brim with my handmade stuff, vintage junk, refinished furniture, collections, and let's not forget the plants and candles. I want to show you how I do it all from start to finish with fun how-to videos and tutorials like my very own private HGTV channel. That's just the house.

Then I want to move outside and show you how to build a garden from scratch in your yard, install a chicken coop, build a rabbit hutch, video the antics of my sheep and goats (that I don't have yet), and teach you how to homestead.

I want a little studio building with a shop in front to sell all my handmade farmgirl wares and maybe some farm products. I want to create in the studio full time. I want to host workshops on sewing and bread making and candle making and soap making and weaving and spinning and dying and animal care and gardening and making cheese and butter. Eventually Maddie may even start her cafe on the property too, if she hasn't changed her mind and decided to become an astronaut by then (not likely, lol).

I've had so many false starts. So many disappointments. Never my own land, always someone else's that I had to eventually leave and start all over someplace different. I have given up again and again and wished that I was "normal" and wanted to have a normal 9-5 job. But I have always gotten out of bed and tried again. Because I just simply can't BE anything but Bohemian Farmgirl and live this creative life. I'll be honest: it doesn't pay the bills--yet. I am grateful to work on a farm, participate in markets, teach sewing, house-sit, and pet-sit to make ends meet so that I can still homeschool my daughter and work towards fulfilling this incredible dream. I would die in a cubicle.

I have ideas and I am determined. I just don't have the resources to finance all those ideas. I could use some help. If you find yourself inspired and wanting to see how this story turns out, subscribe to this blog. It's free, and there are no annoying pop-up ads. I promise you won't get more than one email a week with a link to this website to read my chicken scratch. The more followers I have the easier it will be to convince a publisher to publish my book. ;). If you find a few extra bucks in your pocket and you want to donate to the vision I've described here, every penny is appreciated. Right now the balance in the coin jar is about $19.52, not an impressive down payment on some land. If you head over to and click on the subscription tab in the menu, you can sign up for a monthly subscription donation (cancel any time). Or you can make a purchase, or you can hire me for sewing lessons. And you can keep coming to visit me at markets to chat in person. I really like that. Your encouragement keeps the hope alive. :)

My campaign begins on January 1, 2023. By December 31, 2023 I want to be moved into my own home on a few acres of land with some start up cash to manifest this vision into reality. Follow along here for progress, and may blessings return to you for your support! Let's have a fabulous year! What do you dream of doing in 2023?


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